Training Programs

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We have unique inboard training programs, where we as behaviorists work with your dog as an individual.

These programs were created by experts and has been extensively tested and roven to help in most cases.

We welcome any breed and age,but we do require medical clearance for dogs 6 years and older.

2 Week Program

Our 2-week inboard program is for puppies and doggos with no major issues.

We address the following challenges:

  • walking on lead
  • jumping
  • play biting and
  • we also do some socialization with other dogs and humans.

We lay the foundation for the following commands:

  • sit
  • down
  • various forms of wait including:
  • sit wait
  • down wait
  • gate waits
  • waiting for food and
  • the leave it command.

This program is R3200 per dog.

* December programs and pricing may differ
* Family discounts available

4 Week Program

Our 4-week inboard program covers everything our 2 week program does, but is usually for the following doggos:

  • The eager ones, ready for advanced training
  • The not so young but puppy at heart
  • The everything is out to get me - anxious and fearful ones
  • The I will bite everyone and everything - aggression

Aggressive dogs to be assessed before enrolment and fees are case dependant.

* December programs and pricing may differ
* Pricing for aggressive dogs may vary and is case dependant
* Family discounts available

We do not offer any form of security training as we believe dogs are part of the family and not just a security measure, however we may provide protection training on assesment.

Benefits Of The Inboard Training:
  • It is Easy & Convenient
  • We get to spend time with your fur kid, and therefore we are in a better position to advise and support you on any behavior problems specific to your dog
  • Convenient for owners that can't attend weekly classes due to other commitments
  • We lay the foundation for you
  • Extremely affordable prices as compared to just regular kenneling fees
  • Special love and care for EACH student
  • No staff doing the training, only done by Chantelle, Kobus & Charlene
  • We have our own vet on call 24/7
  • Laying the foundation to enable owners to attend weekly classes without being embarrassed about an uncontrolled dog

Upcoming Programs during 2024

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