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Terrified of sending your fur baby away?

We totally understand! It is however the best thing you can do for your fur child. After contacting various references, reading testimonials and just getting to know us, you will soon agree with us and many other happy owners!

Our famous 2 week inboard program is very limited, therefore we encourage booking as soon as possible.

We limit each class to to ensure quality of training.

Welcome to Pawsitive Dog Training College

Congratulations on taking the first step in
improving your bond with your dog.

At Pawsitive Dog Training College, we are passionate about dogs and their future.

There is no bigger reward than having fun while training and seeing the results.

At Pawsitive Dog Training College, we only use positive and humane methods during training.

All breeds and ages welcome – quitting when a problem arises is not an option.

Although we do provide most services, we specialize in inboard training as we believe that the dogs achieve so much more with this service offering.
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Meet the Humans

Female Dog trainer

Chantelle Smit

Male dog trainer

Kobus Smit

Female Dog trainer


Who are we?

A dog loving couple that has been in the fur world ever since we got married in 2011. We own a pack of 16 dogs (Alaskan Malamute,Akita,Great Dane, German Shepherd and mix breed rescues) and the love and passion we have for dogs cannot be described here in words.

Charlene Lundie also joined our team in 2019, she shares our passion for dogs and also owns her own set of German Shepherds.

What we do?

We realised a couple of years ago that there is a massive demand for behavior modification/behavior management in canines and decided to take this on as a full-time career. Changing the lives of dogs and their owners every day, we cannot think of a more rewarding career. It is not only a job for us, but a real passion.

Our Qualifications

The dog training and behavior world is currently not regulated in terms of law, and any person can call them self a dog trainer or a behaviorist, it is sad, but true. After your interaction with us, you can decide what we are. Together with years of experience, we also hold the following international Diplomas (distinctions received) in behavior, communication diploma and phycology diploma. We are also busy studying towards a 2-year Advanced Diploma in canine behavior as one can never stop learning. Chantelle also qualified at SA Dog Training College. Copies of qualification available on request.

Charlene qualified as a dog trainer with Centre of Excellence and already completed her 1000 hours of practical training at Pawsitive Dog Training College. Charlene is an excellent, competent dog trainer, and she mostly deal with basic home obedience and minor behaviour challenges.

Charlene qualified with Centre of excellence in dog training and is also busy studying behaviour.

How we work?

We use positive reinforcement methods during training, with behavior modification we use positive association methods to get the fur baby’s unwanted behavior extinct. Canines do things that will benefit them, just like any other living soul, and we as humans must enable their environment to work for them. This is the basis we work on during their time with us, no scolding’s, violence or any cruelty. We believe love and patience can accomplish much much more!

What we don't do!

We do not bring you back a remote controlled dog, we install the basics and the rest is dependent on your dedication as well.

We do not sugar coat topics that you as the human want to hear, we are here for the dog, and his well being will always be our priority number 1. If your dog cannot be rehabilitated in terms of a serious behavior problem, we advise and support you accordingly. (Honesty is our best policy!)

Our programs is not always a quick fix, but most definitely the first couple of steps in the right directions. For the life of the dog, we offer support to you and your dog, you will not be left alone.

We do not judge, It is our job to educate, support and guide you and your dog on what is wrong from right, but we expect honesty from every owner from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions and Aswers:

We try our best to place the frequently asked questions here to help others like you that might have some questions to have them answered without the need of contacting us.

Q: Will my dog feel lonely or abandoned when in the kennel?
A: At the beginning of a program, all dogs feel a bit insecure and new, but this usually only lasts a day or two. We spend extra time with dogs that struggle to adapt. We bring those with major anxiety, into our residence for extra comfort if needed. However, this process also teaches your fur friends to become more independent and social. Besides, the times spent in the kennels is mainly at night, since we learn and play most of the days.

Q: Will my dog be cold in the kennel, he is not used to sleeping outside?
A: We have an amazing indoor sleeping area that is well ventilated yet warm and comfortable during winter months, with soft dog sleeping music in the background what more can a dog ask for? :)

Q: Will my dog listen to me when he/she is taught commands by someone else?
A: Yes, inboard training services have been running since the early 1900s and was at a time primarily used for dog training, we see HUGE success with dogs we take back home. Please look through our reviews to see what other owners have to say!

Q: Will I be able to visit my dog during the 2 weeks?
A:Yes, owners are more than welcome to visit or even video call in instances where visits are not possible. We also keep you informed daily on the progress etc.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are based in Pretoria, close to Van Der Hoff Road.

Q: What is the requirements for my dog to be enrolled for the program?
A: The ONLY strict requirement is that puppies should have at least their 2nd 5in1 vaccination 2 weeks before the commencement date of the program. The health of your fur child is VERY important to us and it is therefore that we do not negotiate on this topic.

Q: I smack my dog if he does not listen, will I be judged?
A: At PAWSITIVE DOG TRAINING COLLEGE no one will EVER be judged, it is of the UTMOST importance when enrolling your dog, that we get informed of the dog’s entire background; this includes smacks, we do not believe in smacking and hurting animals. The fact that you are asking for assistance is already enough proof that you care for your dog and that you want to better yourself and the methods you are using to control your dog. As part of the behavior modification process, we need to know about everything the dog undergoes daily, for the training make a real difference. We need the truth even if it isn't always kind.

If there are any questions still not answered, please feel free to contact us

We Do Our Best

Be careful of schools promising new dogs upon completion of training, a dog's mind cannot be removed, reprogrammed and then reinstalled, they are not computers, they are living souls in need of direction from us their humans. Success is based on each doggy's individuality and your commitment towards homework after completion. Lasting progress takes time and consistency.

We provide the BEST care to your animals, but our TESTIMONIALS speaks for themself.

We are also 5 star rated on Google as well as Facebook.

Remember that we offer different packages and one is sure to suit your situation. Read more about our programs under INBOARD TRAINING PROGRAMS

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Helping Paws

Helping Paws is our way to give back. We understand that it is not always financially possible to get the help you and your fur child needs and this inspired us to create our Helping Paws program.

How it works:
This program is a sponsorship program where doggie owners and shelter/rescue organisations can apply for help for a fur kid that desperately needs it but the funds are not available to get the help.

1 Fur kid will be chosen every month to attend school and get the help they need.

How to apply:

  • An application form must be completed
  • Currently only 1 application per family/origination.

If you know of anyone or if you are that person that desperately needs help with your fur child and financially it's not possible, please download and fill out this application form.

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