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Over the years our inboard training programs have earned itself several nicknames such as dog boot camp, dog boarding school or even doggy “veld school”, but we are The Inboard Training School, where behaviorists get their hands dirty!

It's often unthinkable of leaving your fur family member with strangers and for some it's a last resort to try and resolve unwanted behavior.

We totally understand!

Inboard training cannot resolve all cases of unwanted behaviors, but there are several behaviors that can be addressed, maintained or even eliminated in our inboard training, such as:

  • Teaching and implementing of basic commands
  • Jumping on owners and guests
  • Mouthing and Play biting
  • Some forms of aggression including dog to dog aggression
  • Some forms of anxiety
  • Lack of confidence
  • Dog to dog socialization
  • Guidance with house/potty training

Not sure if we can assist with the challenges you are facing? You’re welcome to contact us to discuss this.

We welcome any breed and age, but we do require medical clearance for dogs 6 years and older.

We limit the amount of students in each class to ensure that we have adequate time to address the behaviors that are bugging you and to maintain our high quality of training and ensuring an abundance of love for each student.

We do not offer any form of security training as we believe dogs are part of the family and not just a security measure, however we may provide protection training on assesment.

Still feeling unsure?

We invite you to view our past fur parents’ reviews and if you're still not convinced pay us a visit.


Meet the Humans

Female Dog trainer

Chantelle Smit

Male dog trainer

Kobus Smit

Female Dog trainer


We (Kobus and Chantelle) are passionate about dogs and their future and for this reason, we started studying dogs and their behavior since we got married in 2011 and have obtained various qualifications. What was first a hobby quickly turned into a full-time career, giving us the amazing opportunity to exit the corporate world.

In 2019 Charlene was driven by her passion for dogs and obtained an international qualification when she joined our team.

Together with years of experience we have countless hours of practical experience and various local and international qualifications, such as Behavior, Communication & Psychology Diplomas and because things are always changing, we continuously educate ourselves more in order to give our best to each and every dog we cross paths with, because to us it is not just a job for us, but a real passion and we always give 100%.

We are not breed or age specific because we believe that every dog deserves a chance at being the best and there is no bigger reward then seeing the results while having fun achieving it!

We believe that with love and patience anything can be achieved and it's for this reason that we use positive reinforcement and humane balanced methods that has a scientific approach while training.

Our programs were created by experts, and we strongly believe in our programs as we see how much the dogs progress and achieve because of all the time dedicated to each individual daily.

Pawsitive Dog Training College

Our students don't sleep outside, we have an indoor area that is only used for sleeping, where each student has their own sleeping space that is cleaned and disinfected daily. It is temperature controlled and well ventilated, so it's warm and comfortable even during winter months. Add onto this the soft music we have on in the background and the dogs sleep like babies!

During the day no one is stuck inside and everyone is outside, with safety in mind at all times, we have indivual day camps for the dogs that like to be alone and two play areas for the social butterflies.

We have cameras all over our facility that is monitored even at night.

The dog training and behavior world is currently not regulated as it should be, so sadly any person can call themselves a dog trainer or a behaviorist. After meeting us, getting to know us, and seeing the results of our work, you can decide what we are.

General Information

Humans make mistakes all the time, having the best intentions, but often not realizing where they went wrong, and it is for this reason that we ask complete honesty from you as it is very important when it comes to your dog’s history. This enables us to help you and your dog.

We are not here to judge, but to change the lives of dogs and their owners, by helping to educate, guide and support.

How to enroll:

  • Contact us to discuss your training and behavior needs
  • After assessing your needs an enrolment link will be sent to you via WhatsApp
  • Click the link provided in the WhatsApp Message to complete our online form
  • Please note our programs have prescheduled starting dates that you can select from
  • After submitting your form successfully, you will receive a confirmation email from us
  • Ensure that the booking deposit is paid within 48 hours to secure the booking
  • Sit back and relax
  • We will contact you before the program starts, to make final arrangements

When considering inboard training there's always a lot of questions going through one's mind and we'll be answering the most frequently asked one right here to give you a bit more peace of mind.

Q: Will my dog feel abandoned and forget me?
A: The first day, some of the students feel a bit unsure about the new environments and people, but this usually only lasts a day or two. We spend extra time with dogs that struggle to adapt and have no problem bringing them into our home if needed. We do build a strong bond with each individual, but they know their parents and definitely remember their family, no matter how much they love us we can never replace their people.

Q: Will I be able to visit my dog during his/her stay at Pawsitive?
A: Yes, owners are more than welcome to visit (just schedule a visit with your trainer) or even video call in instances where visits are not possible. We also keep you informed daily, so you are not completely cut off from your dog.

Q: Will my dog listen to me when he/she is taught commands by someone else?
A: Yes, keep in mind there is a transition period when your dog comes home, and they might try to see if old habits are still allowed but we give you all the tools and information (homework) you need to continue educating your dog while building your relationship in the process. It’s very important to understand our programs are not a quick fix and you will have to continue the work afterwards, but it is most definitely the first steps in laying a good foundation for your dog.

Q: Will my dog be hurt (hit, shocked etc.) while he is with you?
A: No! We believe that a dog should work willingly and for this reason we love them for the induvial they are and adapt our ways of working with each one.

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*Our "Home Visits Service" does not form part of the follow up lessons after completion of inboard training.

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